Senior Team:Tasnim/ Mim / Nue / Protiva /Anika A.Syed/ Anisa/ Sunny / Tanni / Intisar / Fariha / Fiaz/Rafi

Junior Team: Zuha /Sarah /Saihaan A.Syed / Sakib / Siam / Muntaha / Shien / Farhin / Addin / Aksa/Nafi

Fallen Towers                                    

By: Jiniya Haque

I’m waiting here.

Hoping to be found.

No living soul is to be seen.

The thick heavy smoke swallows me whole making it harder to breathe.

These huge towers have fallen, with me.

I am a piece of history.

A Lunar Eclipse
By: Tasnim Noman
Behind shimmery wisps of cloud,
She had remained cloaked in mystery
First a crescent, then a half moon
Even lesser sparks
Could have outdone her radiance

Her pale face emerged as the tired sun set
She floated silently over a sea of ultramarine
With a dazzling glow,
She peeked through the clouds
She would mesmerize all tonight

No longer would she be outshone by the golden sun
No longer would she be ordinary
Fairest tonight, she shone full
Overseeing the evening,
And illuminating this cold winter solstice

She lit the skies with all her splendor
Tonight she was divine
Her cheeks burned a fiery red as all eyes turned to her
To a brilliant orb of light,
Her audience had surrendered

She faded over time,
Leaving the world in darkness
For a breathtaking moment, their eyes remained on the skies
Anxiously, they awaited her return
Without a word, she had enchanted them with her secrets

By: Jiniya Haque                                                            


Everyone has their own mask.

The popular kids,

The nerdy kids,

The athletic kids,

But what mask do I wear?

What group do I belong to?

Only others can define the image of my mask.


Nothing yet

By: Indira Jashnani

When my heart fell for you

The warmth of the sun, I felt it

Even through the deepest storm

Your love, I held it

As the huge waves crashed down

My eyes shut it all out

When the pain of it was gone

You were nowhere to be found

Over the grave, head bowed down

Years later, still had the frown

It’s not something I could have dealt with

Hope you understand why I let myself fall down



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